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LPC Intern Supervision

At this most crucial phase of therapist training, having a safe place for support is paramount.  It is important for supervision to provide both structure and flexibility to allow the burgeoning counselor to safely explore both the excitement and challenges that a  client caseload can present.  Ethics and professional development are the compass to navigate the path to becoming the qualified practitioner one has spent so many years working toward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

Fees for supervision are $90 per weekly session, which includes weekly individual supervision (with up to one group supervision per month); consultation as needed for emergencies between appointments; feedback on notes and audiotape of sessions.

Do you offer interns the opportunity to see clients in your private practice as a contractor?

Our office space is not available for contract work.  I work with supervisees who are gaining their hours in a practice or agency that do not have the necessary supervision in-house.

What is your supervision style?

I work with supervisees in a practitioner/apprentice approach, acknowledging the already developed skills and recognizing the desire to solidify those skills into a professional identity.

How do I apply to be a supervisee?

I prefer to start with a phone conversation and then a one on one meeting.  Once some basic questions have been answered for both of us, there is an application to be filled out and then agreements to define.

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